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Adhesive/Sealant  Dispensing Equipment

Pour Valve - Pneumatic - Electropneumatic

SAF-T-LOK offers a selection of adhesive/sealant dispensing equipment to efficiently bring products to the assembly work stations.

While many dispense products directly from the ergonomically designed shipping containers, higher volume and automated or semi-automated dispensing can be achieved utilizing equipment specifically designed to speed assembly. Precision application will also reduce cost and keep the workplace clean.

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STL2000 Adhesive Dispensing Unit
STL 2000 Dispenser
Electropneumatic application of general purpose
adhesives and sealants.
STL2500 Adhesive Dispensing UnitSTL10  Dispensing Unit for  10.3oz CartridgesSTL75 Pour Valve Unit

STL 2500 Dispenser
Electropneumatic application of
low viscosity adhesives with
vacuum drawback.

STL 10 Dispenser
Pneumatic control for 10.3 OZ

STL 75 Pour Valve
PTFE pour components for
ease of clean up.
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