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Thread Sealants Key Properties

Anaerobic Thread Sealant Adhesives

(cps at 12 rpm)
Gap Filling
(in. max)
Shear (psi)
Temperature LimitTorque Strength
(in. lb) 3/8-16
Steel Cleaned
Cure Time
with Primer T
Cure Time
without Primer T
 ºFºCBreakawayPrevailingFixture (min.)Cure (hr.)Fixture (min.)Cure (hr.)
S90Green Dot20.00415003501751002005110 min.6
PSPurple Dot5000.010600350175604010248
HSBrown Dot1000.0101200350175906010248
RSRed Dot7000.01025003501752652005248
CPBlue Dot8000.015200035017526530010248
  Tested per MIL-S-46163 or ASTM D5363.
  For more information on Anaerobic Thread Sealant Adhesive, see Technical Data Sheets/Material Safety Data Sheets.
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