Threadlocking Threaded Fasteners
T70 Threadlocking Application and Performance Test Method A-104


This method pertains to the application of SAF-T-LOK T70 threadlocking compound to threaded fasteners. T70 is an adhesive sealant designed for permanent holding fasteners against severe vibration.

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Threadlocker Application


  1. Clean the test parts with acetone or a chlorinated solvent to eliminate variation to parts cleanliness. Parts may also be tested as received and so noted.
  2. Inspect and assemble 5 sets of threaded parts to be bonded. If burrs are present or if resistance to assembly occurs, reject the parts.
  3. Assemble the nut on the bolt and run it down at least the engagement distance below the final resting place for testing the assembly.
  4. Apply T70 threadlocking compound liberally to the threads above the nut on the preassembled joint. Move the nut by turning it so it passes the final position by 2-3 threads, then reverse the direction of rotation till it rests in the final test location.
  5. The assembled parts should be turned vertically and rested on the head of the bolt. Full cure will occur within 24 hours (or 4 hours if primer is used in the cleaning process).
  6. Place the head of the bolt in a vice or vertical holding fixture. Apply a torque wrench to the nut with the appropriate socket and apply force to remove the nut from the bolt. The first 1/4 turn maximum reading is the breakaway torque. Reset the pointer on the torque wrench and again apply force to continue to remove the nut. The maximum value on the first 360º turn is the prevailing torque.


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